The Process

ROCK Highland's Environemental Waste Management Process

  • We produce a detailed analysis of your waste, identifying all of its components including nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium and Potash.

  • We devise an environmental waste management plan which is fully compliant with all current legislative requirements and continually strive to develop initiatives to bring industrial waste and the environment together in a harmonious and productive way.

  • We maintain an extensive database of agricultural land which we regularly monitor through detailed soil sampling, identifying nutrient requirements.

  • We match your effluent nutrient profile with the agricultural land deficient in those nutrients.

  • We deliver your nutrient-bearing waste directly to the soil when and where it is needed most, employing our specialised delivery techniques and ensuring ‘Best Environmental Practices’ are maintained at all times.

We keep detailed records demonstrating your company has fulfilled and surpassed all of its ‘duty of care’ responsibilities. Nature itself provides the ideal solution to an industrial problem, and with ROCK Highland’s skilled intervention, the environment can be restored.


Environmental Waste Management Audit and Advisory Package

  • ROCK Highland provide a detailed environmental audit, action plan report, provision of on-going consultancy resource and Environmental Waste Management Implementation Package.

  • ROCK Highland provide a comprehensive environmental audit, tailored action plan, implementation and records maintenance service ensuring your company fulfils its duty of care and meets all obligations under environmental legislation.


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