Case Study

The Whisky Distillery

All whisky distilleries rightly pride themselves on the purity of their product and the centuries old traditions they maintain and uphold. Every distillery, whether they are inland or adjacent to the sea, creates nutrient-bearing effluent. Approximately eight barrels of effluent are generated for every barrel of whisky produced.

For the coastal distillery, current legislation permits disposal of this effluent directly to the sea where it can do no good, and may do harm. We aim to provide a better alternative. Recycling to land is in tune with nature as the effluent is targeted and applied in measured quantities according to the natural requirements of both plants and animals.

For the inland distillery, disposing of effluent at sea also has the added expense of transportation. ROCK Highland’s tailored solutions ensure customers demonstrate Best Environmental Practice and meet all present legislative requirements. Our ongoing proactive research and development programmes ensure we are in pole position to react to any changes in legislation giving customers confidence in facing future challenges.

The distilleries’ waste nutrients, originating from barley, may once again return to the very same fields where they were first harvested.

We like to call this ‘nature’s share’.

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